quarta-feira, março 31, 2004

  “One Man’s Vampire is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter”

Embora correndo o risco de me confundir com o Intermitente, não resisto a mais um exercício de copy-paste.

O blogue é o Europundits. O post começa assim:

By Nelson Ascher

Indignation took hold of the whole world as soon as news transpired of the cold-blooded murder of Transylvania’s spiritual leader, Count Dracula. The militant and founder of the local anti-imperialist movement was a victim of what both human rights organizations and specialists in International Law called an “extra-judicial execution”. The UK government took responsibility for the action, justifying it as a legitimate reprisal against an open enemy in a context of war. Diplomatic sources, on the condition of anonymity, disclosed that the aristocrat has been killed by members of the SAS under the command of the notorious Dr. Abraham Van Helsing.


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