quinta-feira, junho 17, 2004

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The Guardian

Manniche no Sporting - "Scolari had reacted to their poor display against Greece by bringing in three new faces and one of them, Brazilian-born Deco, had an immediate impact. Brought in to replace stalwart Rui Costa in midfield, he fired in a low cross to the feet of Maniche and the Sporting Lisbon midfielder swivelled to shoot low past Ovchinnikov."

Real Madrid News A Marca.

Saladas Patadas Russas - "A pesar de sus continúas llegadas al área rival y de que Deco y Figo hicieron lo que quisieron ante una parsimoniosa defensa que sólo pudo contrarrestar la superioridad de su contrincante a base de patadas..."

The Telegraph

Estamos cagadinhos com medo - "The hosts of Euro 2004 have given themselves a chance of reaching the knockout stages, but if the tension of Portugal's victory last night is any indicator then the atmosphere in their decisive match against Spain will be unbearable."

O árbitro foi um mariquinhas - "Ovchinnikov raced out of his box to stop the striker and, as he went to ground, appeared to take the ball with his feet rather than his hands. Wilting under the roar of the home crowd, the Norwegian referee Terje Hauge dismissed the Russian goalkeeper for handball."


Kill Kill 2: "Spain's 1-1 draw with Greece in Porto meant defeat in a game described by Scolari as "kill-kill" would see the hosts eliminated from the tournament, although the Russians too made changes, two of them enforced."

Vai ser épico, dizem eles: "Portugal Set Up Spain Epic. Hosts Portugal will have to beat arch-rivals Spain on Sunday to reach the quarter-finals. It's set to be the match of Euro 2004."

Barcelona News Sport.

Parecido com um esquentamento: "Portugal alivió ayer el sofocón que cogió en la jornada inaugural de su torneo. El calentón le ha durado cuatro días."

Times Online

Esfrega-te no Eusébio - "At the start of the evening, fans had laid hands on a bronze statue of Eusebio outside the Estádio da Luz, hoping for some luck; by the end, they still had their fingers crossed. The interim brought some hotchpotch football and an element of good fortune, but seldom the suggestion that Portugal will emerge from the scrappy debris of their first two matches as genuine candidates for the title."

Surdo - "I'm very happy, not relieved," Scolari insisted afterwards, but a smile did not pass his lips. Did he know that Portugal have not beaten Spain for more than 20 years? "There is a first time for everything," he said. What about the loud jeers that greeted the arrival of Rui Costa in the 63rd minute? "I'm deaf in one ear."

Sport Network

De Bestas a Bestiais - "Portugal had the home crowd cheering once again, after winning 2-0 against a Russian side who were somewhat unlucky to play half the game with 10 men."

Sporting Life

Robson aconselha Scolari - "The Portugal coach (Scolari) should pick Cristiano Ronaldo from the start," said Robson. "The way he finished the season with Manchester United saw him stake a very good claim for a starting berth. He has done well in the two games, making a goal and scoring one too. He should play from the start."

Fox Sports

Tempestade - "...the Portuguese made heavy weather of a Russian side..."

Soccernet EPSN

Corazon Partido: "Gilberto Madail, president of the Portuguese Football Federation, did not attend the game because he feared for his health if he had done so. He was probably wise to stay away as Scolari's men dominated throughout but made heavy work of dismissing the Russians."

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